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 Dragon's Custom Rods is proud to announce that we now accept Visa, American Express, mastercard and Discover for orders of $50.00 or over, in person only.  We cannot accept on the phone, or online, yet.


New Rod Prices

Cost of the rod components vary immensely depending on the what you select.  Because of this, I don't carry a large selection of inventory.  Generally speaking, the greatest expense is going to be the rod blank.  These may vary from as little as $50 to as much as $300 or more.  Other components may very as well.  Silicone carbide guides are more expensive than Aluminum Oxide, Hardloy, or even Alconite.  Titanium guides are even more expensive, but essential when fishing salt water on a regular basis to prevent corrosion.  The charge for the components is the retail cost, as listed in the suppliers catalog, plus shipping.  The link is just one example of my suppliers.   These prices will be listed on your itemized order sheet.  You are guaranteed that the components listed are the ones used to construct your rod.  In the event a particular component is not available, I will contact you and we can discuss available options.

Labor charge for building a rod is $130 and an additional $20.00 charge for finishes, threads,etc... This is for a rod that is simple in design and a thread wrap consisting of a 2 colors of your choice.  One for the wrap and one for the end trimband.

Military and Veteran Discount:  $25.00 OFF total Cost of Custom Built Rod (with valid Military or Veteran's I.D.)

Accent Wrap - Add $7

Cross-Wraps - Add $30 for a decorative butt wrap (Cross & Double Chevron) Advanced wraps will be an extra $40

Weaves - Add $60 for a standard one color weave, $75 for multiple color and $150 for advanced weaves                                    

 Contact us for Weave Patterns Available
(Advanced Weaves are weaves that I must create a pattern for)

Snakeskin Inlay - Add $10 per inch

Marblizing - Add $30

Decals - Cost

Advanced Custimized Handles - Add $35

Other Prices may be added depending on construction and prefered layout of rod.

The total cost of your rod will be itemized and sent to you for your approval, prior to any transactions or ordering of components.

Once we have selected your components for your custom rod, the cost of the materials will be due at the time I order them from my suppliers.  The balance is due upon completion of the rod and prior to shipping.

Rod Repair Prices


All Prices Are Starting Labor Fees without Parts (Prices Of Parts Vary And Will Be Quoted Before Repair Work Is Started)

Replace Single Foot Guide, single Wrap: $7.00

Replace Double Foot Guide, single Wrap: $10.00

Replace Guide, double wrap (under & overwrap): $15.00

Strip / prep rod for total guide replacement: $5.00 per guide and tip
 (Example: 7 guides plus tip = 8 X $5 ea. = $40.00)

Trim Wraps on Guide Wraps: $1.00

Thread Inlays in Guide Wraps: $4.00

Replace TipTop or Hook Keeper: $7.00

Replace Butt Cap: $10.00

Reglue / Replace Ferrule: $10.00

Reglue Loose Reel Seat and/or Fore Grip: $40.00
(reglue real seat involves new cork fore grip and/or rear grip)

Replace Reel Seat and/or Fore Grip: $60.00
(remove guide/s and/or butt grip)

Replace Reel Seat and/or Butt Grip: $60.00
(remove guide/s and/or butt grip)

Repair Cork: $10.00 Depends on severity of damage

Refinish/Repaint Rod: $60.00

Repair Broken or Damaged Rod: $500.00 Depends on severity of break
(inner plug or outer sleeve)

Workmanship Guarantee: Lifetime

Parts Warranty: MFG.


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